My Ukiyo-e Art

Here is my ukiyo-e art portfolio !

This is a little bit chaotic, yet maybe there is harmony in chaos ? I will let you be the judge.

Since I am not a pro for digitizing my art pieces, the color are a little bit off. There are a lot of different reason for it, such as the camera used, the screen set up,etc. The point is that the color are vivid in my art book, the background is mostly white and orange. If you see another color, there is a problem in the digitizing process, I am sorry for that, I am doing my best to improve the quality and rendering of my art pieces on my website.

You can click on each one to display the full image size and full HD.

Please enjoy the tour !

Red day-lily (萱草) by RedSparkle (11-2018), ukiyo-e bird and flower
red, pink, orange flowers-1-Ukiyo-e
After Hokusai, Lilies (1831-1832), ukiyo-e bird and flower
blue and red lily-3-Ukiyo-e
pink yellow roses and vase-2-Ukiyo-e
Sakura on plate-1-Ukiyo-e
After Chokosai Eisho, Motozue of the Daimonjiya (1795-1797) by RedSparkle (5-2018)
sakura and red leaf-1-Ukiyo-e
After ito jakuchu, Black Rooster and Nandina (1759) by RedSparkle (06-2019), ukiyo-e bird and flower
Kingfisher and Reed (川蝉と葦) by RedSparkle (03-2019)
After Utagawa Hiroshige, Chrysanthemum and Pheasant (1835) by RedSparkle(01-2019)ukiyo-e
White Tiger of Heian by RedSparkle (11-2022)
White and Orange Roses-Ukiyo-e
red and orange Chrysanthemums-1-Ukiyo-e
After Ohara Koson, Red Bird and Cherry Blossoms (Early 20th century) by RedSparkle (05-2018)
Red orange Tulip-1-Ukiyo-e
After Unkowm, Bird on a flower by RedSparkle (12-2018), ukiyo-e bird and flower, kacho-ga
After Hokusai, The Fuji reflects in Lake Kawaguchi (1831) by RedSparkle (03-2020)
AkaiHibana - RedSparkleArt- Author-Painter-ukiyo-e artist- kachoga artist


AkaiHibana is a young artist with the objective to master the art of drawing Ukiyo-e bird and flower (花鳥画 – Kacho-ga).